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Cutting grades Main grades, coated LCP15T (HC-P15, HC-K15) Wear resistant steel grade for not interrupted cut for high cutting speeds up to 300 m/min. As secondary application also for machining of cast iron. LCP25T (HC-P25, HC-M25) (Universal turning grade) Main grade for machining steel materials and easily machinable stainless steels at medium cutting speeds, including interrupted cutting work. This general purpose grade is characterised by the properties of high durability and excellent toughness across a wide range of applications. LC240F (HC-P40, HC-M40) The LC240F Steeltec steel turning grade guarantees maximum performance in heavy interrupted cutting thanks to the combination of an extremely tough carbide with the „Nanolock yellow MT-CVD layer“. LCM20T (HC-M20, HC-S20) Turning grade for machining of austenitic materials in the high cutting speed area of 170 – 220 m/min. BCM25T (HC-M25, HC-P25) Turning grade for austenitic stainless steels in medium and high cutting speed area. BCM40T (HC-M40, HC-S40) Very tough stainless grade for low cutting speeds suitable, also as alternative applicable on steel and super alloys. LC435D (HC-M35, HC-P35) Main grade for turning of austenitic stainless steels at medium cutting speeds. Applicable also for super alloys. LCM45T (HC-M40, HC-P40) Extreme tough, relative fine grained carbide substrate. Ideal grade for turning of austenitic stainless steel in the medium cutting speed area. BCK10T (HC-K10-K15) Cast iron grades in K10 range, optimum for machining cast iron in an uninterrupted cut. BCK20T (HC-K20) Cast iron turning grade for the area K15. Optimal for machining GG- and GGG- materials. Possible cutting speeds for GG up to 400 m/min. LC610T (HC-K10) The ideal grade for working aluminium materials and other non- ferrous metals. Thanks to a very thin microplus® plasma CVD TiAIN coating it is also excellent for finish machining of stainless steels and grey cast iron. BCS10T (HC-M10, HC-S10) Grade for turning of titanium. Selected temperature stable carbide plus TiBN - Plasma coating. LC415X (HC-S15) Submicron grade with thin PVD-coating. Excellent appropriate for the production of small and smallest parts, f.e. watch industry and medical engineering. Preferred materials such as Inconel, titanium and stainless steel. LC415Z (HC-S15) Special submicron grade for machining super alloys such as Inconel, titanium, etc. BCS20T (HC-M20, HC-S20) Tough alternative grade to LC415Z for machining of super alloys as Inconel, Hastelloy, Waspaloy, etc. Main grades, uncoated LW610 (K10) Turning grade with high wear resistance for machining of aluminium alloys, and non-ferrous metals at medium to higher cutting speeds, even under unfavourable machining conditions. LW611 (K05-K15) For turning chilled iron casting, grey cast iron with spheroidal graphite and alloyed grey cast iron as well as for aluminium and aluminium alloys. Turning high grade and hardened steels, also for austenitic manganese steels. 27